The Seminar of Jacques Lacan XVI: From an Other to the other 1968 – 1969

We are undertaking a close reading of Cormac Gallagher’s unofficial translation of Lacan’s Seminar XVI alongside the Spanish translation.

We are also reading the pre-texts for the RV in Barcelona in September 2018:

  1. Colette Soler – Advent of the Real
  2. Sandra Leticia Berta – Trauma: event and the advent of the Real
  3. Rithée Cevasco – Pre-text 3
  4. Diego Mautino – Advents of the Real
  5. Silvia Migdalek – The advents of the Real in the psychoanalytic clinic and in civilization
  6. Patricia Muñoz – Politics of the Real
  7. Colette Soler – The re-advent of the Real

In addition to this we are also working on private translations of some of Colette Soler’s seminars.

The Forum currently meets fortnightly on Saturdays.

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